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Just Ask - In addition to custom software, we can satisfy your company's requirements for a wide range of IT services. Please take a moment to browse our website and discover the many solutions and options provided by Software-Dynamics.

Software-Dynamics is at the forefront of innovative business applications; recent innovative creations include courtroom applications for State and Federal trial management, Electronic Medical Records for big Pharma companies and proprietary shop software for both Transmission and General automotive repair shops. Click here for a partial list of our satisfied customers.
  • Web Based and VPN Applications
  • Office & Desktop Management
  • Network Security Design
  • Customized Call Center Applications
  • Legal Applications for Clients and Courtrooms
  • Clinical Trial Software Solutions (EDC/CTMS) 
  • Medical Applications for Doctors & Hospitals
  • Programming in C#, ASP.Net, Javascript, & PHP
  • Database Management
  • MSSQL Server, SQL, Oracle, and Access
  • Windows & Linux Certifications
  • Federal Government Secret Security Clearance
  • Consulting
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Career Minded?

Are you looking for a career instead of a job? We are looking for "A Few Good Men (and Women)". Our standards are high and providing industry with new and innovative solutions is not for the faint of heart, but if you are one of the 'few' rather than the 'many', we would like to talk to you. If you know C#, ASP.NET and are proficient with SQL, MSSQL and/or Oracle, please check out our careers page to see where you fit in and then drop us a line. We're ready if you are!
From Our CEO

Auto Tech Writer... See and understand for yourself why the Auto Tech Writer model is the way that all auto shop managed care will take from now on! ... Read On

Electronic Data Capture for Clinical Trials... Pat Tuminaro discusses the role of EDC as it applies to Big Pharma and Medical Device makers.
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Top Story

Trans Tech Writer is now

Following years of field testing, we've expanded the Trans Tech Writer system to include precheck and diagnotics for ALL REPAIRS while maintaining the unique features that made it the best transmission shop software available. Now, a LIVE, SECURE shop management system can be had by all. 

Ask for a Live Demonstration...
  Electronic Medical Records for NASA!

Software-Dynamics experience with NASA in space has led to new interest with Electronic Medical Records on the ground...more to come.
  The Experts Agree!

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When the two biggest transmission association specialists go to the same source to get things done, there must be a reason! We'd be pleased to share it with you. Give us a call today!
  We're Taking You To Court!

Perfect Jury Logo At last; a software application to electronically track potential jurors answers to questions and evaluate candidates for court jury duty.

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